The recent loss of my mother due to breast cancer has motivated my research on modern illness and grief in relation to the female body, often exploited by a system that prioritizes profit over the psychic and emotional components of human need.
This writing addressess grief and illness, the thickness of time, materiality, writing as creative practice, voice, gender, cultural heritage, spirituality, ritual, and belonging.

‘Folded in the sheets of the earth, she was leaking’ marks the conclusion of my MFA at the Piet Zwart Institute in 2023 and was limited to an edition of 30 copies.

Design: Gloriya Avgust
Printing and binding: Ruparo Amsterdam

'Loose Ends Hiding in the Kitchen Drawers' is a publication stemming from a spoken word performance.
This publication features a unique ceramic artwork, along with a USB stick containing the musical score from the performance. Held by a silk-screened PVC sleeve,  the audio is accompanied by a book with embossed drawings. Much like the live performance, the score guides the listener into a non-linear narration that unfolds a self, situated in the crevice between the pressing body of memory and a yearning that continuously flexes its course.

The musical score would have not come into existence if it wasn’t for Sam D’hondt.

This publication was released by Vaneen in 2021 and was limited to an edition of 30 copies.